Athlete Info


I am strongly motivated to succeed in both academic studies and sport performances. I would like to have the opportunity to play, in a high level, soccer in a university team as well as studying. I think I have all the qualities required and could contribute to add an international spirit. I started playing soccer at the age of 7 and it has always played a big part of my life.


Sport Soccer
Team/Club FCE Merignac Arlac
Position/Discipline Central Defender/Right Back

Top Athletic Achievements

2017-2018 : 10 games played/12 (2 missed because of injury

2016-2017: 17 games played

2017-2018: 12 games: 7victories; 2draws; 3 losses

17 games: 10victories; 4 draws; 3 losses

Competitions & Tournaments

Regional 1:

During my two last seasons, I played the entirety of our games.I captained the team and was elected “Best Teammate” for the year
I trained with Canterbury United Pride when I was in New Zealand. (July-August 2018)

2016-2017: 2nd in the Aquitaine Regional Championship; Aquitaine Cup Champions; 1/1 regional tournament played and won
2017-2018: 3rd in the Aquitaine Regional Championship; quarter finals of the Aquitaine Cup; 1/1 local tournament played and won

Other Athletic Info

When I was 14, I ran Cross Country at Regional level.


GPA 3.93
SAT 1160
High SchoolLycée Sud Medoc


What makes you different?

I am very passionate about playing soccer. My perfectionist attitude always pushes me to give everything for my team and never to give up, in good and in bad moments of the game. I always support my teammates and help them as best I can. My captaincy experience was hugely beneficial to my motivation and teamspiritednes. I have a strong desire and will to succeed in whatever I do.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to experience a new sort of college life outside of the realms of what is considered “normal” here in France. I want to experience new challenges and to broaden my horizons both academically and in soccer, where I will compete at a level that will challenge me.

College goals

To complete a successful academic qualification and to continue improving my soccer skills to as a high a level as I can.

Soccer and life Goals?

My ultimate goal is to be as happy as I can doing the things I love doing. It will be through my love of playing soccer and studying the subjects which interest me that I believe I will achieve my goals and make my family proud of me.

Anything else we should know?

I love traveling and went to New Zealand this year by myself.


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