Athlete Info


My objective is to succeed, both in my studies and my sporting talent. I have a lot of motivation and I enjoy doing what I do. I am ready to work hard to bring positive results to the college team I represent.


Sport Tennis
Team/Club FCL Tennis Academy

Top Athletic Achievements

Winner of 1st SHINE Bahrain Super Series ITF Junior Championship in double with Lou Baudouin in 2018

Winner of several regional tournaments in France

Season Singles wins: 2017- 40, 2018 - 33, 2019 - 39

Competitions & Tournaments

ITF best ranking - 1501

French ranking: 3/6

UTR Singles: 7.66

UTR Doubles: 8.53

Other Athletic Info

VAM = 14


GPA 3.5
SAT 660
High SchoolFCL Tennis Academy


What makes you different?

I am motivated to advance in academics and in sport. I always persevere whatever happens. I have a lot of ambitions and projects for the future. I am always ready for new challenges, because I am very passionate and hard working. I am a positive person who always gives the best of myself.

Why do you want to compete in college?

For me it is extremely important to play in the U.S college system because I know that it can be an interesting experience for me and my future in tennis, because I plan to become a high level tennis player and a coach as well. Also I think that studying in another country with another culture will bring me a lot things and will be an extraordinary experience. Finally, it would also help me to become bilingual. I am very competitive and I think that the U.S will be able to bring me a lot in my everyday life as a player. I want to reach the highest level possible!

College Goals

I would like to graduate from the highest possible academic level university in the exercise sciences major first and then specialize in sport management and coaching in order to become a great coach in the future. I plan to graduate and to become a graduate assistant coach to learn from people who will be happy to teach me.


Lea Rebreyend