Athlete Info


My dream is to be a student athlete in USA. I would love to train, practices, travel and compete while completing an economics degree.


Sport Tennis
Team/Club Romans Tennis Club

Top Athletic Achievements

French Ranking: 4/6

Current UTR: 7

2018: 45 games played (56% of victories)

2019: 31 games played currently (52% of victories)

Each year : 40 to 60 games played

Competitions & Tournaments

Regional Vice Champion 2018

Senior team #3: access to the National French Championship in June 2017

Junior team #1: League Vice Champion 2018

Other Athletic Info

VMA = 15km/h

DC = 50kg 1RM

Squat= 80kg

My mother is a physical education teacher and tennis coach and is in charge of my physical preparation.

I am right handed and an offensive player.


GPA 3.8
SAT 900
TOEFL November 2019
High SchoolLycee Albert Triboulet, Romans/Isere


What makes you different

I want to learn and I am motivated by studies and sport. I made great progress for 3 years in tennis. I earn 2 rankings per year, so I would like to continue this progression playing every day in College.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I would like to play in the U.S College system because it’s an opportunity for me to learn a new language, have a good university degree and play tennis. I am passionate about my professional and personal pursuits including the importance of combining academics and athletics.

College goals


Tennis and life Goals?

I want to improve my tennis level and go as far as possible with my team. I would like to find fulfillment in my job in economics sector, perhaps in International affairs.


Perrine Blachon