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My main objective is to combine my academic studies and sporting talent as I struggle to do now. I have the ambition and motivation to work hard in both required attributes in order to leave an impact on the college team I represent and show my capabilities to the coaches.I am ready to push myself harder than ever so I achieve my goals as well as get a good education.


Sport Swimming
Team/Club Tzarevetz, Veliko Tarnovo
NCAA ID 1908648223

Top Athletic Achievements

Balkan Junior Championship 12 May 2019 Kavala,Greece –Champion (1 gold,1 silver,2 bronze)

Bulgarian Open Team Championship 21 April 2019 Sofia,Bulgaria- 2 time bronze medalist

“Black Sea Cup” Second Edition 11 June 2019 Varna,Bulgaria- 2 gold, 2 silver medals

III International tournament “Pirin-Blagoevgrad” 17 March 2019 Blagoevgrad,Bulgaria- 1 gold,1silver and 1 bronze medal

Grand Prix 14 April 2019 Burgas, Bulgaria - 2 gold, 1 silver medal

Competitions & Tournaments

PB Times:

Event Course Time Points Date
50m Freestyle 25m 23,09 675 20 Oct 2019
100m Freestyle 25m 50,57 701 19 Oct 2019
200m Freestyle 25m 1,54,99 645 1 Dec 2018
50m Butterfly 25m 24,46 703 20 Oct 2019
100m Butterfly 25m 54,15 699 18 Oct 2019
200m Butterfly 25m 2,02,78 685 19 Oct 2019

Event Course Time Points Date
50m Freestyle 50m 24,16 648 09 Jun 2019
100m Freestyle 50m 52,79 701 11 Jul 2019
50m Butterfly 50m 24,82 722 14 Apr 2019
100m Butterfly 50m 54,79 751 12 Jul 2019
200m Butterfly 50m 2,06,56 683 12 May 2019

Other Athletic Info


GPA 3.8
SAT 1370
TOEFL January 2020
High SchoolHigh School of Mathematics and Natural Science

Other Achievements

Participated in many National competitions in Mathematics. Holder of multiple prizes.


What makes you different?

I am very ambitious and motivated person. I set a goal and go for it, never leave it behind. The failure only makes me more ambitious and stronger and I never take it too deep although I don’t like to lose. I like the team work, being in a team is a great pleasure for me as well as keeping on good terms with my teammates. I try to stay always positive and I am very respectful to the ones that have ever helped me. Sometimes I am a workaholic but mostly I am a perfectionist. I have maintained the strong attitude when I do something to get fully dedicated to it and do it till it’s done.

Why do you want to compete in college?

What I mostly like is the competitive atmosphere in a US College as there are many good swimmers. In my current situation I am forced to swim on my own which is pretty tough. Moreover I would be able to see people from many different countries and make new friendships. The thing that really caught my attention was the absolutely brilliant combination of swimming and studies which will enhance my stay in college.

Swimming and life Goals?

My main goal is to participate in the Olympic Games in Paris 2024. What is more I want to get a good education and start working in the USA and settle their.

Anything else we should know?

I have been to several Mathematics competitions and attended some lectures as well as win many awards and certificates. Furthermore, I really enjoy playing other sports like volleyball, table tennis and soccer. An honor student with academic scholarship since 2017.


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Simeon Sabev 2019