Athlete Info


I have the motivation to use my sports and academic talents. My goals are in both perspectives and doing things I find interesting and challenging makes me even more enthusiastic.


Sport Golf
Team/Club Pravetz Golf Team

Top Athletic Achievements

Member of the U18 Bulgarian National Golf Team

Third Bulgarian Junior Open 20-22 July, Third place (0,+4,+6)

Serbian International Junior Open 5-7 August, Third place (+2,+3,+4)

Junior Matchplay Series 10-11 August, 4th place

World Amateur Team Championship 31 Aug-3 Sept, (+9,+12,+4,+6)

Macedonian Amateur Open, 9-11 September, second place, (-4,-2,+2)

Pro Golf Bubbles Grand Final - WAGR - 72,73,65 (210)

JGolf Open WAGR - 77,76,73 (226)

Macedonian Amateur Open Championship 2021 - 77,76,75 (228)

17th Bulgarian Amateur Open Championship - 90,74,82 (246)

JGolf Championship - 67

Pro Golf Bubbles round 1 - 72

Competitions & Tournaments

5th Golf Mad Junior Open 17,18,19 February (+7,+3,+3) 11th place

JGolf Open-Round 1, 15,16,17 April (+3,+1,+15) 5th place

Serbian Amateur Tour 2, 13,14,15 May (+3,+3,+3) 6th place

JGolf Open-Round 2, 24,25,26 June (+3,0,+4) 3rd place

European Amateur Team Championship Division 2, 4th place

European Team Shield division 2 2019- 10th place

European Team Shield division 3 2020- 2nd place

Other Athletic Info

Current Handicap - +0.9

Best score: 65

Scoring average in Tournaments - 74

World Amateur Golf Ranking - 1034

Club distances:

58 degrees - 95m

54 degrees - 105-107m

50 degrees - 115m

PW- 125 -130m

9i- 135 - 138m

8i- 145 - 150m

7i- 155m

6i- 165m


4i- 185 - 190m

hybrid- 215 - 220m

3 wood - 240m

driver - 260-270m

These are the carry distances


GPA 3.5
High SchoolLanguage school "Doris Tenedi"


What makes you different

I am very ambitious and motivated. Being patient and focused is what makes me different. I set goals and try my best until I achieve them, but I always keep in mind that great things take time.

Why do you want to compete in college?

In my opinion, the best colleges and universities are in the US and it would be an honor to have a degree from a prestigious education institution while playing golf and competing at the highest level.

College goals

My plan is to study business administration. I am really looking forward to getting a Master’s degree.

Golf and life Goals?

Firstly I would like to successfully graduate from college and then I would either take up golf or use my degree to start working in a company while building my way to the top and one day leading my own company.

Anything else we should know?

I love playing soccer. It was my dream to become a pro soccer player when I was a young.


Kris swing at the course

Kris video 2

Kris swing (Simulator)