Athlete Info


My intention is to join the swimming team of a top-tier US university. My goal is to improve my sports achievements while also excelling in my major of choice. Due to my extensive experience in balancing coursework and swimming, I am convinced that the new environment will help boost my skills and achievements even further.


Sport Swimming
Team/Club "St. George" Swimming Club
Position/Discipline 50m, 100m and 200m backstroke

Top Athletic Achievements

National Record 200m Backstroke girls age 15-17

Best athlete of Swimming Sports club “St. George” 2022 and 2023 year

Part of the U17 Bulgarian National Swimming Team

2 times national champion for girls 13-17 years old, 12 second and 7 third places

3 second and 2 third places at Women's National Championships

About 150 medals from National and International tournaments in Bulgaria and abroad

Prizes for best swimmer by FINA points from national and international tournaments

Competitions & Tournaments

Personal best times:

50m backstroke LCM: 30.33

100m backstroke LCM: 1.04.69

200 backstroke LCM: 2.18.88

50m freestyle LCM: 28.41

100m freestyle LCM: 59.44

200m IM SCM: 2.20.75

200m IM LCM: 2.25.90


GPA 4.0
SAT Middle of 2025
TOEFL Beginning of 2025
High School91 German Language School Sofia


What makes you different?

Throughout my life, I’ve had the opportunity to balance my daily swimming practice with schoolwork and extracurricular activities. This busy lifestyle taught me to be very organized and dedicated, while also fueling my passion for education and sports. I have an unwavering desire for progress, which is why I am looking to continue my education in the USA. In addition to being a professional swimmer, I am also a straight “A” student with a proven track record in two of the most elite schools in Sofia, Bulgaria. I am also gifted in mathematics and would like to pursue a field of study that focuses on furthering my skills in that discipline.

College goals

My college goals include becoming an even better athlete, excelling in my study of choice and growing into my own as an adult. I hope to develop my swimming career and potential even further, while also expanding my academic skills and achievements. I also look forward to joining a team of goal-oriented people with similar determination and drive, as the positive influence will surely set me up for success.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I have always liked my days to be well-planned and balanced, and the life of a college athlete promotes exactly that. It is the perfect way for me to challenge myself daily, staying motivated and engrossed in what I do. I look forward to the discipline and challenges that come with being a college-level swimmer and see myself thriving in such an environment. By combining my passion for swimming with my aptitude for the athlete lifestyle, I can become even more focused on surpassing my limits as I aim toward new athletic heights.

Swimming and life Goals?

I am absolutely convinced that in the right environment and team my swimming times and skills will rise to a new level. Through swimming, I will get the motivation to study even harder and do well in all my classes. I have always had an affinity toward technology and the exact sciences, which would most likely be the focus of my major. Since I have a passion for both academics and sports, I certainly look forward to doing my best in both those fields. Upon graduation, I would love to continue swimming professionally, while also pursuing a professional career in the field of my major.

Anything else we should know?

I have always had a way with communication, technology and the exact sciences. I have participated in different mathematics competitions and have been consistently amongst the top students in both Sofia High School of Mathematics and 91st German Language School, Sofia. In addition to Bulgarian and English, I’m also proficient in German and aim to achieve a C1 certificate by the time of graduation. In addition to starting swimming from a very early age, I also did ballet as a child.


200_back_finals_DLOP - Burgas - 22.11 - 26.11.2023

50 back final Talent Cup-28.4-30.4.2023

200 back final Talent Cup-28.4-30.4.2023

200_free_DLOP Varna - 29.07-30.07.2023