Athlete Info


As part of the Bulgarian Swimming National Team and going to one of the top high schools in the country, I always wanted to combine my favorite sport with a higher education degree. The only possible way to do that is to become part of a college swimming team in USA.


Sport Swimming
Team/Club PSK "Cherno More" Varna
NCAA ID 2109322323

Top Athletic Achievements

PB Times:

50 freestyle (yards) - 20.34

50 freestyle (meters) LCM - 23.38

100 freestyle (yards) - 44.03

100 freestyle (meters) LCM - 50.44

200 freestyle (yards) - 1.39,29

Competitions & Tournaments

European Junior Championship 2021 - 4th place in 4x100 m freestyle relay with new nation record for men

Black sea cup 2021- 1st place 50 freestyle

Black sea cup 2021 - 1st place 100 freestyle

National Team Championship 2021- 1st place 100m freestyle

5 times National Team Champion (2016-2020)

3 times National Champion free style

Other Athletic Info

Team Captain of PSK "Cherno More" Varna

2 times "Best Swimmer" Award

European rankings - #23

My second passion after swimming is running. When I was 13 years old without any training I went on my city's competition and won a silver medal in 60 meter for age 13-14 years old. So until now I still have a spark to run that has not yet passed.


GPA 3.6
SAT December 2021
TOEFL February 2022
High SchoolHigh School of Mathematics - Varna


What makes you different?

Since childhood my dream was to become one of the best swimmers in the world. I am very ambitious and motivated and I work really hard every day to achieve my dream. At the moment I am studying at The High School of Mathematics, which is one of the best schools in the country. The students there have multiple National honors and awards in mathematics, science, biology, etc. Keeping up with my high grades in such an elite school, being able to train and practice twice a day and become a National swimming champion makes me different.

I have been champion of Bulgaria in 100 m freestyle for the last three years. In addition I have a lot of experience in relays and with my active contribution our club has broken national records 3 times.

College goals

The US collegiate system is the only one in the world which can provide me with an opportunity to combine a high quality education with the chance to compete at a world class swimming level.

My college goals are to improve my swimming results and to help my university team win championships. My major of choice is mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or medical engineering.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I truly believe, that the US collegiate system and Universities are the best place for intelligent and ambitious athletes from all over the world. I will be honored to become part of a college swimming team, finish my graduation with honors and become a better swimmer in the process.

Swimming and life Goals?

My main goal in swimming is to qualify and have a chance to compete at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. As of my education, I would like to graduate, receive my degree and become an engineer with a successful professional career.


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