Athlete Info


My objective is to combine my academic studies and sporting talent. I really enjoy learning new things and I am constantly seeking out new opportunities.


Sport Swimming
Team/Club SC Veliko Turnovo
Position/Discipline Backstroke

Top Athletic Achievements

2017 Bulgarian Junior Championships - 3rd Place 50 m. Backstroke

2018 Bulgarian Open Championships - 3rd Place 50 m. Backstroke

2019 Grand Prix Burgas - 2nd Place 50 m. Backstroke, 2nd. Place 200 m. Backstroke and 3rd Place 100 m. Backstroke

2019 Briz Burgaz National Tournament - 1st Place 50 m. Backstroke and 1st Place 100 m. Backstroke

Other Athletic Info

PB Times:

50 Back (50m SC) - 30.00 (SCY - 27.02)

100 Back (25m SC) - 1:06.20 (SCY - 59.63)

50 Back (50m LC) - 31.58

100 Back (50m LC) - 1:09

100 Back (50m LC) - 1:09

200 Back (25m SC) - 2:27

50 Free (25m SC) - 27.99

50 Free (50m LC) - 29.49

100 Free (25m SC) - 1:0325


GPA 4.0
SAT January 2022
High SchoolHigh School of Mathematics and Science


What makes you different?

Everybody is unique in their own way and so am I. Failure doesn’t scare me, I think, in fact , that it is part of the process that gets you to success. I’m exceptionally organized and I know how to manage my time. I am the most cheerful, self-motivated and fast learning person I know. I communicate well with people, always giving 101% of my potential and truly enjoy pushing myself.

College Goals

My college goals are to bring out the best of me, work really hard for the team, graduate with honors and meet new people.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I genuinely think that I am ready to commit 100% to the team and improve myself as an athlete, as a student and as a person.

Swimming and life Goals?

I am aiming to the World Championships for my swimming goals and what every athlete dreams about- the Olympic Games. In life, I really want to make my parents proud, have a good career and loving family of my own


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