Athlete Info


Fueled by my passion for education and my motivation, I am fully committed to giving my best for the college team and to create an inclusive environment that supports growth and development. I'm currently a Freshman at the National Sports Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Sport Tennis
Team/Club National Sports Academy

Top Athletic Achievements

Bulgarian National Championship Women - quarter final - singles

Bulgarian National Championship U18 - quarterfinal - singles

Bulgarian National Championship - 3place - doubles

ITF J5 Sofia - 3rd place doubles

ITF J5 Varna - 3rd place doubles

Bulgarian National Team Championship - 1st place U18

Bulgarian National Team Championship - 1st place Women

Competitions & Tournaments

2022/2023 Competitions and Tournaments played:

W15 Antalya

W15 Heraklion

W15 Heraklion

W15 Varna

W25 Sozopol

W25 Heraklion

W25 Alaminos Larnaca

W25 Kurshumlijska banja

W15 Kurshumlijska banja

W15 Prokluplje

Bulgarian National Championship U18

Bulgarian National Championship Women

Bulgarian Team NAtional Championships

Other Athletic Info

U18 National Ranking: 8

ITF Ranking: 1163

UTR Singles: 8.34


GPA 3.2
High School166 Sports School "Vasil Levski"


What makes you different?

What sets me apart is my drive to continuously improve and surpass my own expectations. I value my personal space and work best independently, similar to how I perform on the tennis court. While I always have my own opinion and vision at things , I am also empathetic and can see situations from multiple perspectives. I am determined and emotionally invested in my successes and the successes of others. However, in challenging times, I maintain a clear and level-headed mindset, believing that negative emotions have no place in my mental space. My mind is a hotel for positive thoughts, and I do not allow bad emotions to take up any room just like no one will ever want a bad person staying in their hotel , they just make a mess.

The other thing that makes me different is that I believe the progress is more important than striving to be first all the time like many people do. Focusing on gradual improvement helps me achieve my goals more effectively in the long run. Instead of always trying to be number one, i concentrate on making progress step by step everyday. This way, I believe I can be successful at my own pace and become a leader in the future.

Why do you want to compete in college?

By comparing myself to other players in tennis collage, I can assess my strengths and weaknesses, set realistic goals for improvement, and push myself to become the best player I can be. Ultimately, comparison allows me to measure my progress and gain a deeper understanding of my game, increasing my chances of success both on and off the court.

Tennis and life Goals?

As a tennis player and as a person, setting goals is a fundamental aspect of my growth and development. On the court, I strive to constantly improve my skills, learn from my mistakes, and push myself to achieve my full potential. Off the court, I aim to maintain a positive mindset, prioritize self-care and wellness, and build meaningful relationships with those around me. Through setting and working towards my goals, I am able to continuously challenge myself and evolve as both a tennis player and an individual. Ultimately, my goals in tennis and in life serve as a reminder to always strive for progress, not perfection, and to celebrate the small victories along the way.

Anything else we should know?

I have been a ball kid two times at the ATP Sofia open 250 and been a volunteer. I have tried many sports as a side hobby ,like dancing, swimming, running, soccer and skiing and I can say that I’m pretty good at everything naturally.

I love drawing and writing usually I’m left handed even thought I play tennis with the right hand , so I don’t think I have a dominant hand.


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