Athlete Info


My objective is to combine my future education and sporting abilities. I am really motivated to play volleyball in the USA, because it is the right place to do so as a student-athlete. I have a 4.0 GPA, which I believe will help me to excel not only on the field, but in the classroom.


Sport Volleyball
Team/Club Beroe Volleyball Club
Position/Discipline Setter
NCAA ID 2009931239

Top Athletic Achievements

U17 European Championships 2018-2019 - Silver Medalist

Balkan Championships 2019 - Winner

March 3rd" Tournament 2019 - Winner

Best Setter award

Best Serve award

Competitions & Tournaments

VC Beroe

lU17 -2018-2019- 5th in the country

U18 - 1st in the region - 2019-2020

last year U20 -2018-2019- 6th in the country

U20 - 2nd in the region

Men - 1st in the Group in First Division (Tier 2 National Championships) - Promotion to Bulgarian Super Liga (Pro Volleyball)

U17/U18 Bulgarian National Team

U17 2018-2019

1st -Balkan championship 2019

2nd - European championship 2019

Selected in the U18 National Volleyball Team


2nd -Balkan championship 2020

European qualification in Sofia

Other Athletic Info

Spike reach -335 cm =10 ft 12”

Block reach - 330 cm = 10 ft 10”


GPA 4.0
SAT 1230
TOEFL January 2021
High SchoolMathematics and Science High School


What makes you different

I am a setter and this is really specific position. I have some advantages, because I can not only set the ball and make a defense but I am really good at blocking (my height really helps) and serving two different types of serve on a very good level - float and jump serve.

I am a natural leader and that quality helps me to motivate and organize my team to compete at the highest level. I am a really hard working person and passionate about the things I am keen on. So usually I stay and work extra hours in the sports hall to improve my volleyball skills.

Having good grades and playing in the volleyball team is really difficult but for me it is easy because I am very good in managing my time.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Volleyball is my true passion and the thing that I can’t live without. When I am playing volleyball I feel in my element. The level of US college volleyball is really good and I am sure that it would help me to develop my volleyball skills and would help to achieve my main aim (to become professional volleyball player on the highest level). But the education is also very important for me and I want to be as well educated as possible. It is very important to do the things you enjoy the most and that is why I want to study and play volleyball in the USA. This is the only and the perfect place where I can combine them both.

College goals

My college goals are connected with the volleyball and my education. First of all, I want to help the team I will represent win the championship at least one time during my stay. Secondly, It will be awesome if I have honors like being in the All-America first team. Also I want to have good grades and good education that I will use after finishing my career.

Volleyball and life Goals?

My life goal is to play volleyball professionally and to make my living with that. I want to have family and after I finish my career I want to be good financially and to continue making a living with the education I get from an American University.

Anything else we should know?

From the age of 5 to 11 I was very good in swimming. I have a lot of hobbies like cycling and skiing.


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