Athlete Info


I would like to go to US University because I want to give myself the opportunity to finish my education successfully and continue with my football career and follow my dream to become a professional football player.


Sport Soccer
Team/Club Brooke House College Football Academy
Position/Discipline Central Midfielder
NCAA ID 2008904289

Top Athletic Achievements

2018-2019 Bulgarian National Cup winner with PFC Levski Sofia U16

2 individual awards for best midfielder (International competitions)

Call for the U17 Bulgarian National Team

Practiced with RCD Espanyol Academy in Spain

Competitions & Tournaments

2018-2019 season club PFC Levski Sofia - 30 games played

2019-2020 season Brooke House College FA -20 games played (season still in progress)

2018-2019 club PFC Levski Sofia - 23 started

2019-2020 Brooke House College FA -14 started

2018-2019 club PFC Levski 4 attempts 4 goals

2019-2020 Brooke House College FA 4 attempts 3 goals

2018-2019 club PFC Levski Sofia -10 goals

2018-2019 Brooke House College FA - 6 goals

2018-2019 club PFC Levski Sofia - 12 assists

2019-2020 Brooke House College FA - 8 assists

2018-2019 club PFC Levski Sofia - 60 points

2019-2020 Brooke House College FA - 25 points(till that moment)

2018-2019 club PFC Levski Sofia- 39 shots

2019-2020 Brooke House College FA - 21 shots

2018-2019 club PFC Levski Sofia - 5 game winning goals

2019-2020 Brooke House College FA - 4 game winning goals

Other Athletic Info

Career games played - more than 300

Career games started - 220

Career goals scored - more than 120

Career assists - more than 160

Career winning goals - more than 60


GPA 3.4
SAT End of 2020
TOEFL Mid 2020
High SchoolBrooke House College


What makes you different

In my opinion, the thing that makes me different from the other players is that I am a non-standard player in terms of my decision-making and technical abilities. For example, most of the time I look to play forwards and drive into space with the ball if needed and also run into space without the ball. I also think that I am well-prepared tactically, mentally and physically.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college because I think that in Brooke House College the level of preparation is really close to the level of professional academies with the chance to play with players from all over the world. That is a good opportunity to have some good experience and be well-prepared for the next step in my football career.

College goals

To keep playing in the best team in college and help the team to win conference and national championships.

Soccer and life Goals?

I would like to accomplish my objectives for a lifetime such as finishing my education, make a successful football career as a professional, get many qualifications, have a family and be financially stable.


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