Athlete Info


My name is Lilyana Georgieva. I am 16 years old, and I am currently in 10th grade in the Sport School of Plovdiv, "Vasil Levski". I have been practicing swimming for ten years now and I have no doubts that I want my future to involve swimming professionally.


Sport Swimming
Team/Club SC "Sprint"- Plovdiv
Position/Discipline 400m, 800m and 1500m

Top Athletic Achievements

Year 2022

Sofia National Championships (LCM)

5000m - 1st Place

Pirin Open (LCM) - Blagoevgrad (BUL)

200m free - 2nd Place

400m free - 2nd Place

800m free - 1st Place

Sandanski Cup (LCM) - Sandanski (BUL)

200m free - 1st Place

400m free - 1st Place

Bulgarian Open Team Championships (LCM) - Sofia (BUL)

800m free - 3rd Place

1500m free - 2nd Place

Authentic Marathon Swimm 5000m open waters - Pefki (Greece - 1st Place

Bulgarian Open Nationa Championships LCM) - Sofia (BUL)

1500m free - 1st Place

U19 Bulgarian Nationa Championships (LCM) - Varna (BUL)

400m free - 1st Place

800m free - 1st Place

Year 2021

U18 Pirin Tournament (LCM) - Blagoevgrad (BUL)

400m free - 3rd Place

800m free - 3rd Place

U18 Bulgarian Open Team Championships (LCM) - Sofia (Bul)

1500m free - 2nd Place

U18 Spartak Tournament (LCM) - Sandanski (BUL)

200m free - 2nd Place

400m free - 1st Place

Bulgarian Open Women's Championship (LCM) - Sofia (BUL)

800m free - 3rd Place

1500m free - 3rd Place

Burgas Open Women's Championships (SCM) - Burgas (BUL)

400m free - 2nd Place

Plovdiv Open Women's Championships (SCM) - Plovdiv (BUL)

100m free - 2nd Place

200m free - 1st Place

Year 2020

U18 National Team Championships (LCM) - Varna (BUL)

800m free - 3rd Place

Year 2019

VII National Tournament Rusi Rusev (SCM) - Stara Zagora (BUL)

100m free - 1st Place

200m back - 3rd Place

V International Swimming Tournament (SCN) - Plovdiv (BUL)

200m free - 2nd Place

National Tournament (SCM) - Plovdiv (BUL)

400m free - 2nd Place

Competitions & Tournaments

More than 50 national and international competitions

PB times:

50m freestyle: 28.85 (SCM); 29.54 (LCM)

100m freestyle: 1:00.94 (SCM); 1:01.54 (LCM)

200m freestyle: 2:08.27 (SCM); 2:09.85 (LCM)

400m freestyle: 4:25.74 (SCM); 4:33.10 (LCM)

800m freestyle: 9:05.93 (SCM); 9:16.52 (LCM)

1500m freestyle: 17:51.88 (LCM)

100m backstroke 1:17.80 (SCM); 1:19.93 (LCM)

100m fly: 1:11.35 (SCM)


GPA 4.0
High SchoolSport School "Vasil Levski"


What makes you different?

Some of the things that make me stand out are my perseverance and clearness of purpose. I have been practicing competitive swimming for ten years now and it has undoubtedly become a central part of my life. I am determined that I want my future to involve swimming professionally and the fact that I am prepared to go to the other side of the world and make all the necessary efforts to improve myself to the maximum, is evident for my dedication and vigor. I am extremely ambitious and devoted to swimming so with the right coach and method of work I will achieve great results.

Why do you want to compete in college?

US universities are well known for their great training programs for young athletes. Since my goal is to participate in major sports’ forums, I believe America offers the best possible conditions for my preparation and further development.

Swimming and life Goals?

Recently my personal coach and I have put the emphasis of my training on my preparation for 400, 800 and 1500 meters free style. I am getting ready to cover norms, which would grant me the right to compete in major upcoming European and World Championships. My main goal at the moment is to get a quota for a 5km marathon, which will then allow me to participate in international open waters competitions. The key point of my plan right now is to achieve the results, which will get me to the Olympics. I haven’t really thought about my life after graduating from university. One can never be certain where the waters will take me in the future so for now, my focus is on my admission to an elite college with a scholarship.


Lilly swimming practice 2022