Athlete Info


I have been training swimming since I was six years old. I want to win for my team and to develop myself with every aspect in and out of the swimming pool. I love to give my maximum effort during training and in everything I do no matter what it is. I believe and hope, that receiving a college education in US is going to help me to become the best version of myself.


Sport Swimming
Team/Club SC "Vihren" Sandanski
Position/Discipline butterfly and free style

Top Athletic Achievements

Personal Best swimming times:

50 fly - SCM 28.17, LCM 29.00

100 fly - SCM 1.03:60, LCM 1.03.60

50 free - SCM 26.14

100 free - SCM 59.50

200 free - SCM 2.07:40, LCM 2.07:90

400 free - LCM 4.32:00

Competitions & Tournaments

2022 Bulgarian Winter National Championships:

100 fly - 2nd Place

50 fly - 3rd Place

2023 Bulgarian Summer National Championships:

200 free - 3rd Place

50 fly - 4th Place

100 fly - 4th Place

Other Athletic Info

Best FINA points:

200 free LCM - 650 FINA points

100 fly SCM - 640 FINA points


GPA 3.9
TOEFL February 2024
High SchoolSports School "Peyo Yavorov"


What makes you different?

No matter how hard it is, I never give up on my dreams. I love new challenges and I am extremely ambitious about my goals in live. And I am ready for all the difficulties waiting for me in the future.

College goals

First of all I would like to help and contribute to my team with good swimming results. Being a good student and having good grades is equally important. I am an excellent student and I think I can get the highest possible GPA while in college. And of course to graduate, receive a Masters degree with and get a new purpose in live.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because this is my biggest dream. To swim, compete and at the same time study. It will be completely different experience , different level of training and new perspectives and skills. To see where my limits are and to conquer new heights.

Swimming and life Goals?

Swimming is my live goal. To see how far I can go. To keep pushing and going forward, seeing of what I am capable of. I want to win for my team, to make the best times, to be the best and to never give up on my dreams. I don’t know what I am going to do after swimming, we will see where that will go first.


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