Athlete Info


My objective is to improve my tennis level and to go as far as I can in this sport. But also, to learn the job of physical coach because I really like it. I’m really motivated in this and I’ll give all I have to succeed in both domains.


Sport Tennis
Team/Club Union Sportive Orléanaise

Top Athletic Achievements

Winner at Team Regional Championships

Other Athletic Info

Best serve MPH: 121 Mph

Average serve MPH: 108 Mph first serve; 100 Mph second serve

Season - Singles Wins: 11

Career – Singles Wins: 169

Team Wins - Home: 10

Team Wins - Away: 8

UTR: 8.45


GPA Baccalauréat 2019: 14.89
SAT May 2nd 2020
High SchoolUFR STAPS Orléans


What makes you different

I think that the thing that can make me different is the fact that I’m really mad all the time but when I play tennis, I concentrate all I have to be better and to perform in the sport that is my passion. I’m always determined, and I never gave up a match even if it was 6/0 5/0 40-0. I have the determination to give all I have in every match and every point to win maybe the unwinnable match.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I’m interested in college to study a job that I really like and to participate and represent the college in my sport because we don’t make that in France and I find it so much cool. I’m also interested in that project because I want to play tennis during my study because this was something that I ever want to do. I also want to go there to discover a new country and to make other friends in my sports.

College goals

My college goals are to represent the college that I’ll be in as well as I can with my tennis, and also to improve my tennis game. I want to study there because I've heard about the USA’s school program and I find it way better than the French one.

Tennis and life Goals?

In my life I want to make my parents happy and proud about what I’m doing to succeed but also to go as far as possible in tennis, and even if I can’t become a pro player (I expect that I’ll become one) I want to work as hard as I can to have a great life.


Merlin Mazalto