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For me education and sports are equally important. My objective is to combine them and to succeed in what I love the most-soccer and business. Studying in an American University will give me the opportunity to actualize myself in both. For the last 4 years I'm having a very intensive training schedule. I have been training twice a day every single day in order to achieve my dream, which is to study and play in American University. I have been training soccer since I was 6 years old. I believe that hard work, perseverance and full dedication are the key to success. I have excellent teamwork and leadership skills, which can help me a lot in the near future.


Sport Soccer
Team/Club FC Spartak Plovdiv
Position/Discipline Defender

Top Athletic Achievements

2019 - 6-a side school tournament 1st place

2019 - 11-side school tournament-2nd place captain of the team

2019 -invited to play for “Spartak Plovdiv” – played with them for the regional Championships tournament

Competitions & Tournaments

2015 - 6-a side football “Vambos” league”-2nd place

2016 - 6-a side football “Vambos” league” 1st place-top scorer

2016 - 11-a side school tournament 2nd

2016 - 6-a side school tournament 1st place

2017 - 11-a side school tournament 2nd place also captain of the team

2017 - 6-a side school tournament 1st place

2017 - participated with “Lokomotiv Plovdiv” for the Bulgarian National Cup

2018 - 6-a side “Select league” 1st place

2018 - 11-a side school tournament-2nd place captain of the team

2018 - 6-a side “Max sport” league- 3rd place

2019 - 6-a side “Max sport” league 1st place

2019 - 6-a side “Select” league 1st place

2019 - 6-a side “Optium”league 2nd place

2019 - 6-a side “City football league” 1st place

2019 - 6-a side Winter league qualifications 2nd place

Other Athletic Info

1 individual award for best defender

1 individual award for most assists


GPA 3.3
High SchoolLanguage High School, Plovdiv


What makes you different

What makes me different is that I have never give up no matter what. I have faced a lot of difficulties not only in sports but in life. I have a motto that has always put me back on my feet: “Today’s pain is tomorrow’s strength’’. I have great leadership skills, in addition I have always been a captain in the team I play for. In my sport career I have never blamed someone else for their mistakes. When someone is making a mistake it doesn’t mean that he/she is bad … it means he/she is human. Blaming others is not the key of winning. We lose and win as a team. What else makes me different is that I always push myself to the limit no matter how hard it would be and how much it would cost me. When I set my goal I need to reach it. Even if the things go wrong and I fail at something for me every failure is an opportunity and a lesson.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Since the age of six I have always been interested in soccer. I have played a lot of soccer games trough out my life and I think I should step on the next rung of the ladder and continue my career in college in the U.S. Moreover I want to make new friends who are just as ambitious as I am because when you have common goals they are the one who will push you to meet them, who will support you, inspire you and help you transform in a better you. Also my ability to easily communicate with people helped me in building strong relationships and also leading my team to many victories.

College goals

One of my goals that will help me accomplish every other goal is to get a degree. I have already chosen my major. Business and marketing are the things I want to study in college. An American college will help me learn and understand the complexities of modern economy and the global market. I am highly motivated to study this major and to improve my soccer skills on the field. Furthermore I would like to successfully graduate from University, to continue my soccer career and have my own business in the U.S.

Soccer and life Goals?

I strive for good education at an American university. I would like to have a healthy, active and happy life in America because the often you smile the longer you live and the more easy you achieve your goals. I want to become a professional soccer player and develop a successful business. I have read a lot of business books and I want to carry out what I have learned from them.

Anything else we should know?

I have been swimming for 6 years. And I have participated in many swimming competitions from which I have several gold medals. This year (2020) I got my certificate for pool and waterpark lifeguard. I also have dual citizenship.


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