Athlete Info


My goal is to combine my sporting talent with good education. I have the experience and motivation to work hard in both required attributes in order to leave an impact on the college team. I represent myself as well disciplined and responsible person. I am a member of U18 Bulgarian National Swimming Team.


Sport Swimming
Team/Club U18 Bulgarian National Swimming Team
Position/Discipline 50m and 100m Breast stroke

Top Athletic Achievements

PB Times:

50m breast (SCM) - 28.65
50m breast (LCM) - 29.32

100m breast (SCM) - 1:03.01
100m breast (LCM) - 1:04.82

200m breast (SCM) - 2:21.01
200m breast (LCM) - 2:23:85

50m free (SCM) - 25.8
200m free (LCM) - 2:08.00

Competitions & Tournaments

Year 2024:

Berlin Swim Open(19-21.04)

50L Breast-29.32(5th)
100L Breast -1.04.84(6th)

Bulgarian Open Team Championship(29-31.03)

50L Breast-29.48(5th)
100L Breast-1.05.24(5th)
200L Breast-2.24.61(4th)
50L Fly-27.13

Sharks Cup Burgas(23-25.02)

50L Breast-29.69(3rd)
100L breast-1.05.93(4th)

Year 2023:

Sharks Cup Burgas - Men

50L Breast-30.61-4th

100L Breast-1.06.54-1st

200L Breast-2.30.94-4th

Bulgarian National Team Championships - Men

50L Breast-29.76-3rd

100L Breast-1.05.40-4th

200L Breast-2.25.58-5th

Grand Prix Burgas - Men

50L Breast-29.43-5th

100L Breast-1.05.37-3rd

200L Breast-2.23.85-3rd

Bulgarian National Championships - Men

50L Breast-29.88-5th

100L Breast-1.07.03-6th

200L Breast-2.28.79-8th

200L Medley-2.18.57

Year 2022:

National Championship U17 (LCM)

50 L Breast -29:40 - 1st Place

100 L Breast -1:04.82 - 1st Place

200 L Breast -2:25:38 - 2nd Place

European Junior Swimming Championships(LCM)

100 L Breast -1:05:02(38th)

50 L Breast -29:66(36th)

Sharks Cup(LCM)

50 L Breast -29.48 - 1st Place

100 L Breast-1:05:97 - 1st Place

200 L Breast-2:27:26 - 1st Place

Year 2021:

Bulgarian National Championships - Burgas (SCM)

50 S Breast-29.07 - 1st Place

100 S Breast-1:03.91 - 4th Place

200 S Breast-2:21.94 - 6th Place

Rusi Rusev Tournament (SCM)

50 S Breast - 1st Place

100 S Breast- 1st Place

200 S Breast - 1st Place

100 S IM - 1st Place

Burgas Swimming Open (SCM)

50 S Breast-1st Place

100 S Breast-2nd Place

200 S Breast-1st Place

100 S IM-2nd Place

Bulgarian Junior National Championships (LCM)

50 S Breast-1st Place

100 S Breast-2nd Place

200 S Breast-2nd Place

Other Athletic Info

Participant at the 2022 European Junior Swimming Championships in Otopeni, Romania

Member of the U18 Bulgarian National Team


GPA 3.0
High SchoolEnglish Language School - Plovdiv


What makes you different?

What makes me different from other swimmers is the explosive power I possess. Another thing that makes me unique is my strength and physic. Some of the things that make me stand out are my consistency and clarity of purpose.

College goals

During my time in college I would like to improve myself, my swimming technique, graduate with a degree and most of all my swimming results.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The reason why I want to compete in college is the rivalry and love of competition. I'm a sporty type and I like to compete and compare myself with others .US colleges are famous for their great training methods for athletes. Since my aim is to participate in vast sports’ forums, I hope the US collegiate system will offer the best possible requirement for my improvement and training process.

Swimming and life Goals?

My swimming goals are to take place in some major competitions such as Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games, European Aquatics Championships and World Aquatics Championship. My life goals match with my swimming goals but after I finish my athletic career I want to start a family and pass on my swimming skills by becoming a coach.


Simeon at the National Championships 2022

Simeon Competitions