Athlete Info


My objective is to develop my tennis and during this time to finish a bachelor degree. I have the motivation to work hard in both areas and the experience of working in a team.


Sport Tennis
Team/Club TC Levski Sofia

Top Athletic Achievements

First place U16 Sofia, Bulgaria - 2017

First place U14 Sofia, Bulgaria - 2016

First place U14 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria - 2015

Competitions & Tournaments

Third place U18 National Team Championship - 2019

Third place Women National Championship - 2019

Second place U14 Sevlievo, Bulgaria - 2015

Other Athletic Info

U18 National ranking - 14

Women's National ranking - 15

Women's Doubles National ranking - 18

Best UTR - 7.89


GPA 3.7
High School133 SU "A.S. Pushkin"


What makes you different?

I am ambitious and I have a great desire to develop in sports and in academics. I am purposeful and a hard worker. I have a strong striving to prove myself in sports and in life. For me developing in every area of life is important and I like to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I am a very good student, I have always had excellent grades. I would like to gain a lot of new knowledge and a College Degree that would help me in my future development. I hope tennis will help me achieve this.

College goals

I would like to study Management and Marketing. I want to get a bachelor degree with excellent marks. Also I would like to develop my tennis potential in a competitive environment.

Tennis and life Goals?

My dream is to become a professional tennis player and get into the top 100 WTA. Also I would like to create my own tennis academy where I could discover and develop new tennis talents.

Anything else we should know?

I trained table tennis for 3 years. Three years in a row I won first place at the National School Table Tennis Championship. I have been training track and field for 4 years. Two years in a row I won first place at the National School Athletics Championship. I have also participated in other after activities such as studio "Young painter". Also I have a certificates for active and invaluable participation in Garanti Koza Sofia Open 2016 and 2017 as a volunteer. I have been training boxing for 1 year.


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