Athlete Info


My goal is to combine my academic studies with the development of my sports talent. I am an excellent student with high academic ambition and a dedicated and serious tennis player. I dream to continue playing tennis in a college team as I have always loved to be a part of a team, to share a common goal, to support each other for success.


Sport Tennis
Team/Club Maleeva Tennis Club
NCAA ID 2103135827

Top Athletic Achievements

First place U18 Doubles, Sofia

Runner Up Tennis Europe U16 Doubles, Sofia

Semifinalist National Championship U16 Doubles, Sofia

Semifinalist U18, Singles, Sofia

Semifinalist Women’s Doubles, Sofia

Runner Up U16 Doubles, Plovdiv

Runner Up U16 Doubles, Sliven

Runner Up U16 Doubles, Varna

Competitions & Tournaments

2018 Runner Up at National Team Championship U18

2019 Runner Up at National Team Championship U18

2019 Fifth place at Women’s National Team Championship

Other Athletic Info

National Rankings:

Highest U16 – 4

Highest U18 – 9

Current U18 – 11

Highest UTR Singles - 7.91

Highest UTR Doubles - 8.40


GPA 3.7
SAT 1140
TOEFL December 2021
High SchoolNational School of Mathematics and Natural Science


What makes you different

My 11 years of experience in developing my personal game of tennis have taught me a lot of things not only on the court but things about life. The biggest personality traits I have mastered in my mind over the past few years are resilience, patience, rational thinking in tense situations, leadership. I really enjoy learning new things and constantly seek out new opportunities. I continually try to level up my skills by reading self-improvement books in my free time. Also, I find myself a very good communicator and it’s easy for me to relate to other people. I have always been really serious and dedicated to my work, whatever it is about (tennis, education, and personal projects).

Why do you want to compete in college?

To play college tennis in the US has always been a goal for me. I think this is the best opportunity to get a high valuated education while playing tennis in a team. I am a team person and I love helping other people. The best thing about college tennis is that all players have a role in constructing the face of the team. They push and support each other in the will of becoming better athletes and better people.

College goals

I have a real interest and talent in drawing and I am proud of my reproductions of Van Gogh and other artists. All aspects of art are appealing to me and at the moment my intention is to pursue studies in the field of Arts more specifically Studio Arts, Illustration, Animation and Visual Effects.

Tennis and life Goals?

I want to become the best version of myself and I am ready to give anything needed to achieve it. My college-time life goals are connected with making an impact in the college life and the tennis team which I join.

Anything else we should know?

I am a very artistic person. I have a passion for painting and reading. I have played in school plays. I have been a referee at different tournaments in my tennis club multiple times and I have helped with the tournaments organization. I often prepare school projects presentations, so I have experience as a speaker in front of small audiences and as a team worker.

The sports have taught me to be disciplined, organized and precise in my routine; time-management is very important for me and I am very consistent with my engagements.


Stella - groundstrokes, volleys and serve

Stella - points and match play