Athlete Info


It is an important goal for me to combine my academic studies and to play in a US College Basketball team.

I am motivated to use my knowledge, sports abilities and strength to leave impact on the college team I represent.


Sport Basketball
Team/Club BC Akademic Plovdiv
Position/Discipline Center, Power Forward

Top Athletic Achievements

2019-2020 U14 National Championship – Second place

2021-2022 U16 The first memorial tournament in honor of “Dragan Vasilov Cevka”. North Macedonia, Skopje - Second Place

2022 – World School Championships

Competitions & Tournaments

2020-2021 U16 National Championship – Seventh place

2021-2022 U16 National Championship – Fifth place


GPA 3.5
High SchoolSports School Vasil Levski, Plovdiv


What makes you different?

I am 194 cm.tall and athletic. My vertical jump is about 40 inches. My ability to make three-point shots is 80% successful.

I train three times a day. It is sixteen times a week and I play games in that week.

I am ambitious to learn about basketball every day.

Not only for the game, I develop my basketball skills and I try to learn new things, but also to be a better person, who is stronger mentally and physically.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I started playing when I was 12 years old. I went to the sports school in our town. I think that my next step must be in the most competitive environment. So, I decided to combine my studies and future career in basketball and go to college.

College goals

I want college to help me grow into a well educated person ready for life.

Basketball and life Goals?

My goal in life is to be the best version of myself. My basketball goals are to play in a College Basketball team. After that to play for Real Madrid in Spain.


Teodor Chalakov Center/Power Forward Basketball

Академик Бултекс - БУБА Баскетбол | Юноши до 19г.

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