Athlete Info


Knowledge and sports give me the confidence of a full-fledged young person. I study well in an elite language school in Varna and I swim six times a week with additional dry workouts according to the training plan. As а part of the Bulgarian National swimming team I am preparing to meet the standards for the Olympics in Paris in 2024. I live a healthy and disciplined life, I have a strong sense of self-control and personal responsibility.


Sport Swimming
Team/Club "Asteri" - Varna
Position/Discipline 400, 800 and 1500 free style

Top Athletic Achievements

PB Times:

200 free yards: 1:45:60 SCY

200 free meters: 1:57:22 SCM

400 free yards: 4:38:82 SCY

400 free meters: 4:03:98 SCM

800 free yards: 9:48:41 SCY

800 free meters: 8:34:86 SCM

1500 free yards: 16:12:69 SCY

1500 free meters: 16:18:53 SCM

100 backstroke meters: 1:00:61 LCM

100 backstroke meters: 0:57:98 SCM

200 backstroke meters: 2:08:34 LCM

200 IM meters: 2:15:05 LCM

400 IM yards: 4:10:31 SCY

400 IM meters: 4:37:85 SCM

Bronze Medalist - COMEN Open Water (5000 meters)

Competitions & Tournaments

Multiple National Champion - U16 and U17

National Team Champion with "Asteri"

Member of the Bulgarian National Swimming Team

Multiple times "VARNA athlete of the month"

2023 Bulgarian Athlete Award by Turkish Sport Club "Bakirkoy ATA Sport Club", Istanbul, Turkey

Other Athletic Info

Thanks to my sporting successes I am a proud member of the "Dimitar Berbatov Foundation" - “Successful Children of Bulgaria” and in 2021 I have won the grand prize in the Sports category.


GPA 3.7
SAT September 2024
TOEFL June 2024
High SchoolFirs Language School - Varna

Other Achievements


What makes you different?

I like to challenge myself. I pursue my goals without fail until I achieve the desired results. I am defined as studious, hardworking, consistent, disciplined, ambitious, but mostly as a unique person with a good heart.

College goals

I will do the best of myself to get a higher education while developing my sporting career at the highest possible college level . My desire is to compete with elite university athletes and bring success to my team.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The United States has the best sports education system in the world. It offers a high level of education, intelligent environment, good conditions for sports and recreation, good coaches and high quality athletes. It will be an honor for me to be a part of it.

Swimming and life Goals?

I want to be healthy and successful and to keep swimming,. I would like to graduate with honors, have an interesting profession and start a big family.

Anything else we should know?

My swimming idol is Caleb Dressel. I admire him with all my heart and one day I want to swim next to him.


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